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BodyNutrition.ca is a Web shop solution provided by Tropical Web Shop for a Herbalife Independant Distributor in Ottawa, Ontario. Need a Web shop for your Herbalife business, visit Tropical Web Shop.

BodyNutrition.ca Personal Herbalife Coach

We are health and fitness enthusiast providing strictly Herbalife fitness and nutrition supplements, and other health and personal care products that are designed to work for the average person with a weight-management goal. We are knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition and experienced in strength and weight training. Most of our Ottawa customers (ShapeWorks Club Members) benefit from our free strength and weight training programs with a mix of cardio workout, which takes place at their local fitness gym or at their private workplace gym facility.

Regardless of your location in Canada, you can expect to receive, by e-mail, the same high quality program and motivational support that a local face-to-face customer would receive.

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